Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Application of Bernoulli's Principle

A) An Aerofoil

1) An aerofoil is a curved wing used to produce a life (upwards force).
2) It is observed that the smoke lines are close together above the aerofoil where the air speed past the aerofoil is greather.



3) The pressure difference between the air below and above the aerofoil produces a resultant upwards force known as a lift.
4) When an airplane is moving horizontally, the weight of the airplane is balanced by the lift.
5) If the airplane is moving with constant speed, than
   (a) the lift = the weight
   (b) the thrust = the drag

Force on an airplane.

B) A Carburettor

A carburettor

1) Air flowing at a higher speed through the narrow section cause the air pressure there to become lower.

C) A Bunsen Burner

A Bunsen burner

1) When a Bunsen burner is connected to the gas supply, gas gusts out through the jet with high speed.
2) This creates a region where a low pressure exists around the jet.

D) An Insecticide Spray

1) When the piston is pushed into the cylinder, air gusts out at high speed through the narrow opening.
2) This produces a low pressure region around the opening.

An insecticide spray

3) The mixture of insecticide and air is then ejected as a spray of small droplets on insecticide.

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