Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Applications of Pascal's Principle in Everyday Living

  • Hydraulic systems can be used to obtain a large force by the application of a much smaller force.

A) Hydraulic Jack

Hydraulic jack

1) The pressure produced by the force applied is transmitted through the oil to the large piston. Thus the large piston is pushed up by a large force.
2) To lower the large piston, the release valve has to be opened to allow the oil to flow back into the reservoir.

B) Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic lift

1) This pressure is transmitted through the oil to the large cylinder. Thus a force F2 which is strong enough to lift a heavy load such ad a car, is produced.

C) Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes

1) Hydraulic brakes are used in vehicles to produce a breaking force on all the wheels simultaneously at the instant the break pedal is applied.
2) There are two types of brakes used in a car:-
  • Disc brakes at the front wheels.
  • Drum brakes at the back wheels.
3) At the front wheels, the small piston A exerts a force to push the brake shoes against two pieces of steel discs. Thus, the car is slowed down or stopped by the frictional force between the brake shoes and the steel discs.

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