Saturday, 11 August 2012

Applying Pascal's Principle

Pascal's Principle.

Idea of Transmission of Pressure in a Liquid.

1) Hydraulic systems work by using liquids which are under pressure.
2) The principle of transmission of pressure in liquid can be illustrated by using a piece of apparatus.

Pressure is transmitted uniformly through water.

(a) The bulb is immersed in water and the piston is raised slowly to draw in water.
(b) The bulb is removed from the water tank.
(c) Then the piston is pushed hard enough to apply sufficient pressure to the water.
(d) It will be observed that water squirts with equal force from all the holes on the bulb.
(e) The shows that pressure applied to a liquid will be transmitted uniformly throughout the liquid.

3) Since the volume of a liquid is constant, the pressure applied is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the liquid. This idea of the transmission of pressure in a liquid is stated clearly in the Pascal's principle.

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